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Meadow + Mountain Arnica

Arnica chamissonis + A. montana

Arnica chamissonis, also known as Meadow Arnica, is a species of Arnica native to the US. Arnica montana, or Mountain Arnica, is native to Europe. We grow and use both varieties.


The European variety, Arnica montana, is currently the most widely used species, but the Vienna Pharmacognostic Institute found that A. chamissonis has the same medicinal action as the European variety. We are blessed to live at an elevation where both species of Arnica thrive. If you live in an elevation under 1400 feet, we recommend growing Meadow Arnica.

We use Arnica in our Infused Herbal Body Oil.

Herbal Actions:
Anti-inflammatory, vulnerary, discutient

Traditionally, Arnica was, and still is, one of the most commonly used herbal first aid remedies. Its traditional application is as an anti-inflammatory after an injury, such as sprains, falls, or bruises. It seems to work best when used as soon as possible after an accident and is indicated in acute trauma versus long term conditions.

Typically Arnica is used for soft tissue injuries that don't involve broken skin. The primary traditional usage for Arnica is as a topical oil, salve, or liniment for bruising, muscle repair, and pain management.

Cautions and Contraindications:
In general, Arnica is safe when used externally on unbroken skin. Some individuals may have allergic reactions to Arnica (especially if they have known allergies to other plants in the Asteraceae family).

When using for the first time, use only a small amount and see how your skin responds. Arnica should not be used for prolonged application.
Arnica should not be taken internally (unless taken in a homeopathic form). When taking as a homeopathic, follow instructions on the label closely.



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