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Oil infusion of Symphytum officinale True Comfrey leaf.

Some of the widely accepted external uses of comfrey cover the whole spectrum of musculoskeletal issues involving soft tissue damage with no broken skin. Examples of this are bruises, sprains, broken bones, and blunt injuries but can be useful for many injuries to skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, and bone. Comfrey is also known to be an excellent skin healer, but should not be used on deep wounds.


Herbal Actions: vulnerary, demulcent, mildly astringent, expectorant


Read more about Symphytum officinale.


We strive to make the most potent healing herbal oils possible. We grow these lush comfrey leaves with organic practices, mindfully harvest by hand, always leaving some blossoms to feed our flying friends and our eyes, carefully process to maintain optimum potency, and then infuse organic olive oil with the whole leaf in a way that creates the most beneficial and shelf-stable oil we can possibly make.


You can tell by the color and fragrance of our oils that they are packed with herbal healing goodness. We have been growing herbs and crafting infused herbal oils for decades and it shows.


We offer this herbal oil in three sizes: a 1-ounce travel size serum pump bottle, a 2-ounce serum pump bottle, and a 4-ounce refill bottle. If you'd like a custom size, please contact us.

Ingredients: Organic olive oil, Symphytum officinale.


Orders usually ship within 2-3 days. We live in a remote rural location and try to group our errands on days when we're going to town.


When you purchase plant medicine here at our virtual farm stand you help us continue our mission of healing people and caring for the land and we thank you!

Comfrey Infused Herbal Body Oil

  • Due to the sensitive nature of herbal products, we do not offer returns or exchanges. If something is damaged in transit or any other way when you receive it, please let us know and we will do our best to make it right.

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